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Despard Gallery is a gorgeous venue showcasing top quality and exciting contemporary art by day and opening it’s doors to groups looking for a smart, professional and flexible venue in the evenings. Our waterfront venue is located on the fringe of the Salamanca Market



  • Centrally located on Hobart’s waterfront.
  • 110 Sq meters on first floor of an historic building with new, modern renovations and wheelchair accessible facilities.
  • Capacity: 120 reception, 50 seated
  • Full catering kitchen, reception and service area
  • Street parking
  • Suitable for industry events, receptions, lectures, celebrations, book launches, classes, fundraisers, photo and video shoots.
  • Times available for rentals: Weekdays after 5pm and weekends after 4pm. Daytime bookings subject to availability
  • Access to sound system


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