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Geoff Dyer - Curriculum Vitae

BORN    Hobart, Tasmania, 1947


1995            A.G.N.S.W. Work/Study Scholarship - Cite Paris, France
1965 - 68    Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart   


1980 - 94    Full-time painting - travelled abroad on study trips to England, Europe, Greece
                     and USA
1977 - 79    Department Head in Art - Burnie Technical College
1969 - 76    Teacher Tasmanian Department of Education - Lecturer at
                     Launceston School of Art


2010    Three Tasmanian Painters, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA
2009    Drift Despard Gallery, Hobart
2008    Recent Works, Despard Gallery, Hobart
             A Tasmanian Perspective, Axia Modern Art, Sydney
             Guandung Museum of Art, China
             Melbourne Art Fair 08, Depsard Gallery, Hobart
2007    Art Equity, Sydney
2006    A Point of View, Desard Gallery, Hobart
             Melbourne ARTFAIR 2006, Melbourne, represented by Despard Gallery
             A Tasmanian Perspective, AXIA Modern Art, Melbourne
          Archibald & Sulman Prizes (Selected Finalist), AGNSW, Sydney
2005    ArtSydney05, represented by Despard Gallery, Hobart
            10 + 4 Days on the Island, Despard Gallery, Hobart
           Geoff Dyer - Recent Tasmanian Paintings, AXIA Modern Art, Melbourne
           Geoff Dyer, Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide
2004    17th Annual Summer Show, Despard Gallery, Hobart
          Geoff Dyer - Recent Work, Despard Gallery, Hobart
            Melbourne ARTFAIR 2004, Melbourne, represented by Despard Gallery
           New Tasmanian Paintings, Axia Modern Art, Sydney
2003    16th Annual Summer Show, Despard Gallery, Hobart
             SOFA Chicago, (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art) represented by Despard
             Gallery, Hobart
           AXIA Modern Art, Melbourne,
          Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
          Painting: Tasmanian Landscape, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
2002    Melbourne ARTFAIR 2002, Melbourne, represented by Despard Gallery
             Australian Modern Landscape Painters, group exhibition, Hong Kong, represented
             by Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
          With a French Accent (The French Connection Down Under), Despard Gallery
         From the dark to the light, Despard Gallery, Hobart
2001    AXIA Modern Art, Melbourne
          New Work, Despard Gallery, Hobart
2000    AXIA Modern Art, Melbourne 
          Carnegie Gallery, Hobart
         Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
1999    Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney 
          Out of Australia, 2000 Rotunda, Hong Kong
1998    Editions Gallery, Melbourne: Lui-Hai-Su Art Museum, Shanghai - (Group)
          Australian Contemporary Art Exhibition “Out of Australia”
1997    Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
1996    Beaver Galleries, Canberra
          Greythorn Galleries, Melbourne
          Wagner Gallery, Sydney
           Kensington Gallery, Adelaide
          Wagner Gallery, Hong Kong
           Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart
         Archibald Finalists Tour of N.S.W. Regional Galleries (Jun-Dec) (Group)
1995    Eddie Glastra Gallery, Sydney:  A.G.N.S.W.
          Work/Study Scholarship Cite Paris (April July)
1994    Greythorn Galleries, Melbourne
          Kensington Galleries, Adelaide
1993    Eddie Glastra Gallery, Sydney
            Strickland Galleries, Hobart
1992    Cook Hill Gallery, Newcastle
           Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
1991    Eddie Glastra Gallery, Sydney
            Gould Gallery, Melbourne
1990    Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
           Gould Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria
1989    Eddie Glastra Gallery, Sydney
          Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
           Giles Street Gallery, Canberra
          Gould Gallery, Melbourne
1988    Gould Gallery, Melbourne
         Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
1987    Eddie Glastra Gallery, Sydney
          Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
1986    Richmond Galleries, Richmond
1982 - 1985    Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney
1981    Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
          Colonial Gallery, Evandale
1979 - 1980    Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart
          Burnie Art Gallery, Burnie
1970    Brisbane Street Gallery, Launceston
           Salamanca Place Gallery, Hobart   


2003    Recipient of the 2003 Archibald Prize

Selected    Archibald Prize, (Finalist) A.G.N.S.W.
    2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1996, 1993
Selected    Wynne Prize, (Finalist) A.G.N.S.W.
    2004, 1997, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1977
Selected    Sulman Prize, (Finalist) A.G.N.S.W.
    2006, 1997


University of Tasmania; Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, Hobart; Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Launceston; Burnie Regional Gallery; Devonport Art Gallery; Moorilla Museum; Art Bank; Qantas; MEPC; Pacific Mutual; National Bank, Melbourne; Reserve Bank; Price Waterhouse; Hayman Island Resort; West Point Casino, Hobart; Crown Casino, Melbourne; Sheridan Hotel Group; Arthur Robinson Hedderwicks; The Art Trust; Prime Life Corporation Ltd; Tasmanian Parliament House (commissioned portrait of  former Premier, Tony Rundle); private collections in Australia, England, Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

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