Exhibition Review – Patrick Hall

by Lucy Hawthorne

Click here to read an review of Patrick Hall’s solo exhibition Made Of Broken Pieces, by Lucy Hawthorne from Artist Profile Magazine.

“In this age of online digital media, Hall’s obsession with obsolete technology is more than just nostalgia. It plays to our fascination with tangible objects that hold the unknown. Analogue technology – such as 35 mm slide mounts and coated electrical wire – are paired with nails, feathers and even twigs. Each material is chosen strategically for its connotations and form, which adds to the layers of meaning embedded in Hall’s detailed works. Sometimes, it’s also convenience: when he needed an elbow for his fossil-like creature with clawed limbs, he snapped off a twig from a tree near his studio.”

Made Of Broken Pieces –  Solo exhibition 22 September – 16 October 2021

Patrick Hall