A Group Show


The Performing pigs 1972 a. hall 85 x 121


A Group Show

Opening Wednesday 28 September 5.30pm

28 September – 23 October 2016

Bertie Blackman

Wayne Brookes
Jo Chew
Josh Foley
Anne Hall
Helen Hopcroft
Rodney Pople
Michael Vale
Dale Richards
and others..


Animals as a theme have inspired artists since millennia; Despard Gallery presents their third themed exhibition with invited artists, who, through their imagery directly relate to Animalia both real and imagined.

This eclectic and vibrant new exhibition includes three important paintings from Anne Hall (born Melbourne, 1945) dating from 1968 to 1972. Hall was married to John Perceval and is considered by critics to be the last remaining figurative expressionist from the circle of John and Sunday Reed at Heide. Her highly figurative work allows us to enter world of a woman with a deep intensity for her subject. These paintings show Hall taking animals and familiar domestic surroundings and weaving them into what was at the time; described as ‘ heraldic decorativeness’ she was a highly talented and dedicated artist who strove to release her innermost feelings.

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Anne Hall….

Bertie Blackman…

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Michael Vale…

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Wayne Brookes…

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