Anthea Boden | Life and Still Life | & | Jeff Mincham | ELEMENTARY

A joint exhibition

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Anthea Boden and Jeff Mincham

A joint exhibition

Opening Wednesday 5 April 5.30pm

5 April – 30 April 2017

Despard presents a joint exhibition featuring Anthea Boden and Jeff Mincham. With six decades of fine-art making between them, Boden and Mincham bring two distinctive disciplines to Despard in a stunning exploration of form and place.



Anthea Boden – ‘Life and Still Life’

“Although an abstract and semi-abstract painter my works are rarely void of content or subject matter. My works evolve from a perception of reality into a personal representation and a private repertoire of shapes and abstracted assemblages of ideas. I strive to address the relationship between colour and form through the inner subjects of proportion and spatial organisation. I believe everything has an essence and have an emotional yet formal and objective approach to content; everything has an external and internal life. My subjects include the Tasmanian landscape and beyond and objects and events from everyday life.”

Jeff Mincham – ‘ELEMENTAL’

“Titled “ELEMENTAL: Powerful Tales from the Natural World”, the works in the exhibition will be derived from observations of the natural world that I have lived and worked in for 40 years. It is a world that explains itself slowly and often in surprising ways. Behind a mosaic of events, some barely noticeable, others intense and dramatic, there is a continuous rhythm of life, death, rebirth and regeneration, providing many a compelling metaphor for our human condition!

What may seem to be random and accidental, even chaotic, is in fact a state of order gradually revealing itself. When these experiences are recorded in form and image and then allowed to evolve through the ceramic process, they can acquire a life of their own; a unique expression conveying the abundance, complexity and uncompromising toughness of these bushland landscapes, yet engaging that sense of wonder that binds and connects us to the natural world.”