Arteles Creative Centre – Arts Residency

Zoe Grey

Congratulations to Zoe Grey, who has been awarded an arts residency at the world renowned  Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.

The Arteles Creative Center hosts more than 150 selected international artists and creative professionals every year, from all disciplines and forms of creativity. Arteles aims to provide a space that provides freedom for creativity, trhough an inspiring and supportive environment.  The residency programs aim to aid personal growth and mindfulness, assisting artists with refocusing their individual creative aims.

Zoe is currently traveling through Europe prior to her month long residency, where she will participate in their intensive Back To Basics program. This residency aims to assist artists to rediscover the very roots of their creative motivations, taking a break from all smartphones and internet and reconnect with their creativity. Not only will the unique environment and landscape of Finland provide possibilities for new creative research, but it will also provide Zoe an opportunity to make international connections, as well as a space to objectively observe and reflect on her current practice.  Zoe believes that this will help inform an important next step in her creative practice, with a chance to reset and return to the core of her creative passion. Zoe will also be able to share her unique creative approach and interpretations of the Tasmanian landscape, as well as broaden her own perspective and understanding around the global arts community as well as understanding of her own cultural connection to place. 

Zoe Grey’s upcoming solo exhibition opens 9 November 2022  – Click here to register your interest for Zoe Grey. 

Zoe Grey