Artist Profile – Josh Foley

Artist Interview

Click here to read an interview with Josh Foley by Artist Profile Magazine.

“Josh Foley’s new suite of visceral paintings create visually complex worlds that question the materiality behind the painted image. Experimenting with oil and acrylic, the Hobart artist conflates the traditions of landscape and still life painting to question Western conventions. Varying in scale and subject matter, the paintings have been partly inspired by Foley’s experiences during art residencies at Cradle Mountain, Woolmers Estate, Bundanon Estate and Launceston Church Grammar School. His kaleidoscopic constellations seem to morph and merge before your very eyes, as if reality has melted and re-solidified into a sublime malleable mess. Artist Profile caught up with Foley ahead of his show ‘New Precepts’ at Hobart’s Despard Gallery.”

New Percepts Solo exhibition by Josh Foley 5 – 29 February 2020