Artist Profile – Maggie Jeffries

by Erin McFadyen

Click here to read an review of Maggie Jeffries’s new body of work from her inaugural solo exhibition All The Pearls, by Erin McFadyen from Artist Profile Magazine.

“Across the canvas, these impossibly emotive plants seem to gesture with high feeling; they are so close to touching one another. Jeffries’s plants are not still life studies in deathliness and liveliness, and nor are they straightforward botanical illustrations. They are high-artifice, and affectively amped-up. They ooze all the self-knowing feeling of melodrama, and the punches and turns of kitsch. Here, too, is an investigation of what it is to be attached to the more-than-human world, and what it is to find or make oneself a place there.”

All The Pearls –  Solo exhibition  20 October – 13 November 2021

Maggie Jeffries