Andrea Morucchio

Born in Venice in 1967 where he currently lives and works, Andrea Morucchio, graduated in Political Sciences in 1994 at the University of Padova. Since 1989 he has been practicing his profession as still life and photo reportage photographer. From 2000 Morucchio began his artistic search through sculpture, environmental installation, video-installation, photography. Morruchio’s works are extremely varied and by the different languages used have the ability to involve the observer emotionally stimulating thoughts that range from spiritual questions on social themes to topical issues.

Since the end of the ’90s Andrea Morucchio has expanded his own linguistic research – often based on considerations of a socio-political nature – in various directions, from sculpture to installation, from video to photography and performance. Morucchio’s most recent interventions, like the multimedia installation “The Rape of Venice” held at Palazzo Mocenigo, Venice, in 2015, deepen sensori-emotional values, even those that sometimes we call judgments of sentiment and taste, and are evidence of the artist’s attentive critical reflection on art, culture and the deviancies of our contemporary society.