Anne Morrison

Born in Scotland in 1966, studying at the Glasgow School of Art, the Royal College of Art, and then the University of Tasmania, Anne Morrison’s practice is one informed and enriched by travel, by exposure to foreign landscapes, ancient cultures, – the result is a sensitive and nuanced approach to painting – and the processes and metaphors that evoke the intimate connection between body and land. Morrison challenges preconceptions of how we see, experience and know the world, allowing us the opportunity to navigate and explore that binding connection through her work.

“These are highly complex images that hit your retina with all the power of a waterspout; exhilarating and refreshing. She described, quite beautifully, the treasure trove of detritus that washes ashore on the doorstep of her house and studio in the biographical section to the 2015 Glover Prize, “I find a tangle of information, where worlds collide, as plastic, metal, organic, and synthetic forms are woven together. I imagine the coiling ribbons of DNA, colonies of spores, patterns within a human cell and micro-chip… A residual architecture of form, structure, and patterns shape-shifting like a labyrinth before our eyes.” Dr. Peter Hill, 2015