Camie Lyons

Camie Lyons lives and works in Sydney where she has had many solo exhibitions with the Olsen Irwin Gallery. She is also represented by The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong, Australasian Art Projects in Singapore and Scott Livesey Gallery Melbourne. Highlights include Exhibiting at the Australian High Commission in Singapore and Residencies in Sweden, Bulgaria and Bull Bay. Her work can be found in public and private collections in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, London, New York and more recently with large commission works for Thailand. Lyons studied Fine Arts at Melbourne’s RMIT University and was then awarded her Masters at Sydney’s COFA. She has travelled extensively with her husband and two sons, and adds all these experiences to her rich tapestry of meaning while continuing to explore line and form, life and love.

Camie about her time at Bull Bay – Artist in Residence on Bruny Island:

“I took the drawings from the series titled ‘Midnight Drawing” and ‘Page Turners’ very late at night, with a glass of wine beside me, sitting on the balcony or out in a paddock drawing by the light of the moon only. These are the kinds of beautiful gifts residency time can give you, unexpected moments of time and reflection un-achievable at home with demands of everyday life.  It was a fantastic process, allowing for great freedom of line movement and unconscious mark making.

I didn’t look at the drawings until the next day, laying them out on the studio floor and noticed that many of the consecutive drawings lined up, my eye and hand following the darkened horizon before me (hence the ‘Page turners’).  I did literally hundreds of these strange, loose little works, I’d love to see them all up on a clean gallery wall one day, testament to a special moment in time and place.”