Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson is a renowned Australian contemporary artist who has had exhibitions in most major cities and is included in art collections worldwide including The National Museum of Damascus, Syria. His distinctive paintings of the Australian coastal and outback landscapes are iconic. His practice incorporates rhythmic lines and a continuous curvilinear approach. Beautifully painted with great technical prowess, it is easy to see why Johnson is one of Australia‚Äôs most popular landscape painters today. His work often draws upon his travels to India and Italy. Johnson recently built a free medical and learning centre in the Himalayan mountains of Darjeeling, India.

Born in 1950 in Sydney, Australia, Ken Johnson went on to study graphic design and painting at the National Art School in Sydney before traveling extensively around Australia and the rest of the world. In the 2000s, Johnson began incorporating dusty and fiery reds into his canvases, also exploring the subject of the nude. His works are in the collections of the Art Trust in Melbourne, the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery in Australia, Edith Cowan University in Perth, and the National Museum of Damascus, among others. Johnson lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

“Ken Johnson has bent the meaning of depth with his approach to the landscape and human imagery using lines and insets.  These are geometric metaphors and conceptual scansions of distance that evolve into a visionary representation.” Prof. Zeno Birolli, Milano