Maggie Jeffries

Maggie Jeffries is an emerging artist from Hobart, currently studying fine arts and psychology at the University of Tasmania.  Her practice is influenced by places from her past, including childhood gardens and the bushland that surrounded her family home at the foothills of Mt Wellington.

 “My recent paintings are inspired by my awareness as a child, between the differences of native species and the array of plants that grew in our house garden, exploring their beauty, colour and life through paint. While I know that the Proteas are not native to Australia, for me they have always evoked the fantastic colours of the Australian landscape and native foliage.  All of the plants and trees included in this series grow on my family’s land, and in painting them I have been able to explore a part of my own identity that speaks to the discovery of a new-found importance of place, origin and belonging.” – Maggie Jeffries, April 2019

Maggie’s recent exhibitions include Despard Gallery’s Annual Summer Show 18/19, Young Blood, a group exhibition of emerging female artists, April 2019 and the group show Botanica, June 19 at Despard Gallery.