Mathew Simms

Artist Mathew Simms lives the simple life that many of us aspire to, living in a single room within a 19th century Gothic school house in Deloraine, Tasmania. Over recent years Mathew has written a series of folk stories that revolve around a character named ‘Mackle Pickle’. Carving wooden dolls and making their clothes to represent some of the books’ characters, Mathew paintings followed in what seems a logical progression.

Mathew’s paintings were done initially to illustrate the books, but over time have developed into exquisite works that are compelling and joyful in their appeal. Mathew has a wonderful colour palette and a natural sense of composition and draftsmanship; numerous observers of his style and composition relate the images to the 19th Century French impressionists.

Up until recently the pictures have been small of scale and simply framed by himself, but Mathew has recently started painting on a larger scale while retaining the charm of the smaller works.

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