Pamela Bristow

Pamela Bristow is a sculpture-based artist currently living in Tasmania.  Pamela graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of Creative Arts and Media, University of Tasmania in 2019 and was the inaugural winner of the Despard Gallery NEXT award.  The NEXT award recognises new local talent and provides a fine art graduate an opportunity to exhibit work at Despard Gallery.

Pamela uses traditional weaving and sewing techniques that transform repurposed natural and man-made elements into fibre-based sculptures.  Her work naturally evolves during creation, taking on organic forms that reflect and respond to the Tasmanian environment. 

“My works are about connecting to place and the natural world. I focused on form, colours, textures and patterns found in nature. My works are representational of what I see and feel when I am out exploring the natural world.

I work intuitively and through play I believe that working this way gives my works an organic feel and like nature I make improvements and develop each piece over time.”  Pamela Bristow 2019

Pamela will be exhibiting new work as part of the group exhibition Still Life, opening 4 March 2020.