Sara Lindsay

Sara Lindsay is a Hobart based artist, designer and object maker.  Born in Ireland in 1973, she spent her childhood in Western Australia. After almost ten years living in rural communities in the South West and the Wheatbelt of Western Australia, Sara relocated to Hobart with her children, Sara has been experimenting with art and design focussing on the points of intersection between the natural world and material culture. She is fascinated by the ways we re-make the world for our own needs and seeks ways to make the world more playful.  

Sara explores speculative object making through critical engagement, with the process of making leading to permutations of geometric forms. This phenomenological approach privileges engagement with materials and process over outcomes, leading to the creation of objects that celebrate making. Making is used as a way of making sense, through following a non-goal orientated process, examining and critically applying intuitive decisions. Objects absorb the ideas, thoughts and musings of the maker as they are created, making them loaded, charged, and potent objects that speak about the circumstance of their making.

Sara will be exhibiting her work alongside Sam Field, opening on Wednesday the 22 August 2018.