Zoe Grey

Zoe Grey is an emerging artist from Marrawah, a remote coastal town on the northwest tip of Tasmania.  Zoe graduated with First Class Honors from the University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts and Media in 2018.  Her work deals with translating intimate experiences, moments and memories of place through the complex character of landscape painting.  The unique, raw environment of her home, Marrawah and her deep connection to that place is the driving force behind her ideas and art practice.  Zoe spends time in the landscape surfing or walking the isolated beaches, influencing her perspective of the environment and evidently her approach to painting.  She has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the state. 

“My home, Marrawah, is a raw coastal environment, open to the elements on the edge of Northwest Tasmania. The landscape adapts to the wild weather; the tea trees bend to the westerly winds, the sand shifts from big swells and the rocks are pummelled by the insistent waves. I too, adjust my movements to the moods of the weather and the landscape it inhabits. The place I know so intimately shapes my being and through the painting process of remembering and re-presenting, I shape its existence in return.” 

Artist Photo taken by Lisa Garland