Exhibition Preview Series

Geoff Dyer - Selected Works From The Artist's Studio

Preview video of survey exhibition for Geoff Dyer,  Selected Works From The Artist’s Studio.

Selected Works From The Artist’s Studio represents an exhibition planned with Geoff Dyer (1947-2020) over the past 12 months.  The gallery is honoured to host a modest, but poignant survey of early and recent works, including his last studio painting. 

Geoff had a unique capacity to evoke light through paint, capturing a sense of atmosphere and charging each work with an unmistakable strength and intensity.  Key to each interpretation was the overall tone.  This included the damp cold greens reminiscent of Cockle Creek, the thick heavy blues of Ocean Beach and the fierce reds and oranges from his Fire Series.  This exhibition acknowledges these underlining tones found in Geoff’s work and has been curated to share the vivid contrasts captured across his practice, presenting sixteen major oils, a suite of smaller studies, as well as a small selection of works on paper, painted plein air from Dolphin Sands.

Geoff Dyer