Exhibition Preview Series

Wayne Brookes - Opulence and Ostentation: a Covid Operation

Preview video of solo exhibition by Wayne Brookes, Opulence and Ostentation: a Covid Operation.

2 – 26 June 2021

Despard Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming solo exhibition by Tasmanian artist Wayne Brookes, delighting the visual senses with a new suite of his distinctive opulent paintings, but this time with a decedent Tasmanian twist. 

Wayne Brookes is a visual narrator, using paint to recount stories of ornate objects and the spaces they populate.  An obsession with visual splendour underpins his arts practice, where personal experiences and historical narratives are often woven together into a single composition.  An infatuation with beautiful things is evident through his use of paint, revealing a compulsion to inject detail into every square inch of canvas. 

Wayne Brookes