Exhibition Video Series

Jenny Orchard - Bush Of Ghosts

Watch the latest in a new series of exhibition installation videos by Despard Gallery, produced in association with Art Rewind.


Step inside Despard Gallery in our latest Exhibition Install Series, featuring the vibrant solo exhibition Bush Of Ghosts, by established contemporary artist Jenny Orchard.  Within this exhibition, Orchard features her signature hybrid ceramic creatures and totems, alongside new works on paper.

‘My Random Variable Identities (RVI) are also called Mulitspecies, they represent the living world as we are beginning to know it, as chance combinations of creatures, -micro -organisms, bacteria, viruses, and technology; all living in bodies, and plants, the oceans and the clouds. Bio and genetic engineering allows our imaginations to fly, our experiences to multiply, and we are connected in ways we are only beginning to understand. My creatures ask questions and form relationships with the viewer and those they encounter. They are the playful happenstances of our interconnected planet, where diversity, curiosity and art collide. There is however a darker side to the works as we say goodbye to the species we have destroyed whilst creating our new Anthropocene. These creatures peer back at us from their extinct status in a Bush Of Ghosts.’

Jenny Orchard