In the Clear Night of Day

Graham Lang

16 September – 10 October 2020

Graham Lang is a Tasmanian based painter and sculptor with a career spanning four decades.  Essentially biographical in nature, Lang’s broad ranging practice evokes both the external and internal realities of place and being, frequently centring on themes relating to migration, identity and cultural dislocation.   Lang adopts an intuitive approach to painting, allowing process to steer his ideas, with compositions naturally evolving from the collision of memory, intuition and technique.  As such, strange juxtapositions emerge, often seen through his animal surrogates, denoting how identity is complex and commonly composed of opposites.


“The title of this exhibition alludes to the paradoxical power of contradiction to reveal the essential connectedness of all things.  The underlying impulse behind these paintings therefore is to imagine the seemingly irreconcilable as inseparably together – humans festooned with fellow-creatures, wandering the wilderness they are biologically part of, yet seek to transcend, nemeses locked in the endless tango of life.  Such juxtapositions remind us that opposites are, for the most part, complementary, interconnected and interdependent. They allow us a glimpse into what is hidden, into the workings of a deeper, universal story.  All part of one thing, one miraculous gestalt” – Graham Lang, August 2020

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