Graham Lang winner of the Griffith Review Novella Competition 2016!

With his novel: A Fulcrum of Infinities

Despard Gallery congratulates Graham Lang, winner of the prestigious Novella Project IV prize with his book: ‘A Fulcrum of Infinities’.

Graham Lang was born in Zimbabwe and migrated to Australia in 1990. An MFA graduate from Rhodes University, South Africa, he also holds a PhD from the University of Newcastle where he taught art for twenty years before moving to Tasmania in 2011. His career as a painter and sculptor spans four decades during which he has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas and taken up several artist residencies. Since leaving academe, his art has tended toward a more intuitive approach, exploring a diverse array of subjects, many derived from his literary interests.

Graham has forged a significant career as a writer, exploring associated themes of land and identity in three novels, Clouds like Black Dogs (2003), Place of Birth (2006) and Lettah’s Gift (2011) and the novella, A Fulcrum of Infinities (2016), which won this year’s prestigious Griffith Review Novella Competition.

Listen to Graham talk about his winning novel ‘A Fulcrum of Infinities’ in an ABC radio interview on Thursday 14 July:
click here to listen to the interview!

A Fulcrum of Infinities is also the title of Graham’s second solo exhibition at Despard, opening Wednesday 31 August 2016.

” The title of this exhibition alludes to a perplexing conundrum: that there exists in every living thing an internal physical infinity as endless as that existing externally. This idea grew some years ago after a near-fatal illness and seems to have been the underlying force behind a second theme that attempts to evoke the precarious limbo between existence and extinction. It’s also a good way of saying that with art the possibilities are endless.” Graham Lang, July 2016

More information about Graham’s new solo exhibition click here!