It’s Only Natural – Terence Munday

NEAR BRIDPORT 2014 38X55cm


My practice investigates visual strategies for the photographic representation of natural phenomena. It seeks to re-sensitise the viewer to the significance of these phenomena through focusing attention on the detail and nuance displayed by local natural events. Currently my efforts are confined to a minimal number of sites to enable more detailed observation of variables that impact upon watery surfaces. In addition to available light, the aesthetic is also modified by wind speed and direction, tidal variation, river flow, time of day, cloud density, variation in swell pattern and the constant of local topography.

Ronald Hepburn describes how the modern artist has moved away from original concerns with the imitation and representation of the natural environment, to the creation of new objects that may be contemplated in their own right, and are more expressive of the inner landscape of the human psyche. My practise places an emphasis on returning to those original concerns with the imitation of nature, and at the same time, amplifies my subjective response through aesthetic choices involving framing, scale, and detail that is constantly modified by the passage of time.

Terence Munday, 2014