Josh Foley at QVMAG

Calculating Infinity

Calculating Infinity: a wondrous, warped and witty interpretation of the QVMAG collection

Opening event at QVMAG – Monday 13 January 6-8pm.

Step inside a wondrous, warped and witty interpretation of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery’s collections in the new exhibition, Calculating Infinity. Born and bred in Launceston, Josh Foley has found inspiration in his contemplation of QVMAG’s works since he was a child. Now an established artist with accolades including the prestigious Glover Prize, Foley has been invited to explore our Visual Arts stores up close and translate his discoveries across the blank walls of our Main Gallery at Royal Park. Foley has transformed the gallery into a live art space of colour, light and texture which has evolved over several months.

Calculating Infinity is Foley’s bold response to the extensive QVMAG collection that spans centuries and schools of art. Peter Booth’s untitled glows an alien green, Robert Dowling’s portrait of Queen Victoria comes to life while hinting at family secrets and John Glover’s famous Sassafras trees are reimagined. The exhibition encourages visitors to calculate the infinite ways that art has inspired, awed, shocked and provoked themselves and will continue to evolve throughout 2020, as Foley adds more quirky creativity to the space.

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Calculating Infinity is also part of the Mona Foma 2020 program: Xydep Xydahlia will perform on Sunday 19 January at QVMAG from 11am to 1pm.

Despard Gallery is excited host Josh Foley’s upcoming solo exhibition New Percepts, opening Wednesday 5 February 2020.