Josh Foley | The Distrupted Gaze |

The Disrupted Gaze

JOSH FOLEY Underground, 2016 Oil and acrylic on linen 168 x 183 cm Signed verso $ 14.500

Josh Foley

New solo exhibition

Opening Wednesday 31 May 5.30pm

31 May – 25 June 2017

“The show is a collection of works that have each in their own way sought to make the viewer look twice; where upon the first understanding of the work is betrayed by closer inspection.There is a wilful confusion of styles, techniques, subject matter and conceptual approaches throughout the show.This is intended to further disrupt the flow around the gallery space, so that the viewer, perceiving the show as a whole must begin to draw their own idiosyncratic conclusions to solve their investigation of the show.

The core of my goal is illuminated by surrounding the viewer with such a collection – to stimulate conversation, contemplation and thought with the work and to exploit the di- chotomies of a world that seeks resolution.” ~ Josh Foley 2017