Joshua Andree

Solo Exhibition

Despard Gallery is proud to present solo exhibition by emerging Tasmanian painter Joshua Andree.

In his first solo exhibition with Despard Gallery, Andree presents a new body of work that continues his delicate painterly exploration of the shifting space where the sky, land and sea converge. Using a low-key palette, subtle gradients and silhouetted foregrounds, Andree’s work captures the ambience unique to the island environment and its oceanic surrounds.

Delicately executed, compositions evoke the immersive experience that underpins these spaces. Through the suggestion of changing weather and fading light, Andree depicts the environment in a state of transition, capturing both an endless sense of depth and time. Drawing from the traditions of romantic artists from the 19th century, Andree offers up a painterly interpretation that pays heed to the dark psychology of the Tasmanian landscape, including its complex history and how this continues to shape our understanding of place.

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