Julie Harris

Lines and Squares

Julie Harris

 18 October – 12 November 2017

Opening Wednesday 18 October 5.30pm



Julie Harris, Black Heath (NSW) based artist has a survey exhibition currently at the Blue Mountain City Art Gallery, Julie has exhibited widely across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Julie studied in Sydney in the early 1970’s, working then in London with Sotheby’s specialising in restoration and water gilding; her work is represented in significant collections in Germany, Scotland, the USA and the NGA.

Vibrant colours and subtle textures her works appeal to both lovers of abstraction and colour field, her works are reflective of the immediate environment -the weather, the studio or her garden and in particular her music.

“My painting process is very physical and more like an evolving performance. The works are taken in and out of the studio according to the weather, the heat and the strength of the sunlight. These things influence the way the paint forms and mingles on the canvas. I wash, scrub, erase and stain the surfaces so a history of the activity remains but no intentional gestures are left. As the work builds up it takes on it’s own identity and an internal logic is found.” Julie Harris 2017