Melbourne Art Fair 2020

Viewing Rooms



Recognised internationally, Patrick Hall is one of Tasmania’s most valued artists with a permanent exhibition at MONA since 2017.  Hall presents two wall-based sculptures that combine subtle kinetic elements and back lighting with hand drawn faces and delicate arrangements of bones and feathers.  These are complemented by works from his series If They Should Accidently Fall, detailing individual preacher figures with bodies that flow from bottle heads, encased in glass and overlaid with his signature narrative text.

Of Fallen Angels



The Torn Whole



If They Should Accidentally Fall



Victorian based sculptor Glen Clarke presents a series of intricately constructed mixed-media wall-based artworks that combine folded banknotes and cut-outs of military hardware.  Tapestry like arrangements resemble mandalas, echoing the spiritual Buddhist symbol through concentric shapes that signify infinity, harmony and wholeness.  Each work contrasts the hostility of war against ancient motifs and modern society.

An Animistic Dialectic

Glen Clarke at Hong Kong Art Fair 2016