Michael Vale

Time Traveller

6  March  – 31 March 2019

Opening Wednesday 6 March at 5.30pm 


“Every time I lift a paintbrush I feel a continuum with every painter, past present and future. For me, paintings are always alive, offering us glimpses into parallel universes. In this context, making my work seems like time travel, a passport to the vast variety of planets that make up the galaxy of painting. Here time is elastic, interchangeable and, ultimately, a mirage!” – Michael Vale, January 2019 

                                                                                                “Channelling the epic landscapes of Salvator Rosa and Gustave Doré, Michael Vale’s works suggest a satiric netherworld that oscillates between the ludicrous and the sinister. Fictitious tableaux are populated with absurd and clown-like figures performing meaningless actions against a backdrop of sublime landscapes, gathering clouds and encroaching darkness. Terrifying, comical and threatening, confusion reigns and serves to invoke a heightened state of unease”.

                                                                     – Jessica Bridgfoot, Bendigo Art Gallery

Michael Vale is a Melbourne-based painter and film maker and winner of the 2018 Hutchins Prize. His work gravitates towards the gothic and the absurd. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Fine Art at Monash University.


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Michael Vale