Micheila Petersfield


11 November – 5 December 2020

Despard Gallery is excited to announce the second solo exhibition of emerging contemporary photographer, Micheila Petersfield.

Please join us and celebrate with the artist for an Opening Event – Friday 13 November, from 5:30pm

Listen to Micheila discuss the ideas behind her new series, as well as answer your questions, with Artist In Conversation – Saturday 14 November, from 11:30am.

Micheila Petersfield is an emerging contemporary photographer based in Tasmania.  Her practice centres on critiquing the idealised representation of women in popular media through transformative self-portraiture.  Within her narrative images, Petersfield adopts multiple roles, including choreographer, costume designer, model, photographer and retoucher, maintaining complete artistic and technical control.  Her work is characterised through a flawless finish, drawing on digital manipulation and postproduction to shape her multiple personas into compelling portraits.


“Replica explores self-imaging in the contemporary digital era where photo editing is now accessible through the smartphone, enabling us to easily modify our appearance through filters and apps.  This includes exploring the tensions and anxieties that occur as the digitally altered self-image encroaches on our lived reality and the increasingly blurred boundaries between our material and digital bodies.

Through the work, my body is re-envisioned as a series of replicas, exploring the notion of a body double. The visual references to the mannequin, doll and fashion model are used as symbols of the synthetic female body.  Through the artifice of fashion, makeup and photo-manipulation I have intended to push the body towards a simulated state.” – Micheila Petersfield, 2020

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