Painters on Pots

Special Collaborative Exhibition

17 August – 10 September 2022

Opening Event Friday 19 August from 5:30pm – opened by Dr Mary Knights [Senior Curator of Art – TMAG]

Despard Gallery is excited to announce a very special upcoming exhibition Painters On Pots. In development for over twelve months, this unique initiative showcases the work of five talented young Tasmanian painters shifting their creative focus to an unfamiliar medium, with truly remarkable results.

Steven Joyce, founder of Despard and architect of the project, has long had a fascination with fine ceramic arts. This exhibition shares a long term vision of Steven, developing the creative venture based on a simple question: what would happen if some painters made some pots? Under the guidance of master potter Zsolt Faludi, artists Harrison Bowe, Sam Field, Zoe Grey, Maggie Jeffries & George Kennedy have taken on this challenge to expand their practice into three dimensional forms through ceramics. Six months on from the first workshop at Faludi’s Glen Huon studio, each artist has independently developed their skills in ceramics to great success, despite all the challenges involved and embarking on this journey without any previous experience.

This unique exhibition follows in the traditions of many Australian artists who ventured away from a single discipline, with the aim of expanding their artistic vision.  What results is a dynamic visual interaction between mediums, where creative expression jumps across forms.  Each artist presents a new suite of ceramic and painted works, showcasing how they have successfully navigated all of the technical and creative challenges involved in working across clay, glazes and paint. We are thrilled to be able to present the final results of the five artists artistic endeavours, alongside major new works by Zsolt Faludi.

To celebrate this exhibition Despard Gallery has published a special limited run forty page printed catalogue. The catalogue features an essay by writer and critic Andrew Harper, reflective statement by Zsolt Faludi, forward by Director Despard Gallery Steven Joyce, as well as artworks and statements by each participating artist.  Painters On Pots exhibition catalogue can be purchased through the gallery for $20 [+P&H]

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