Patrick Hall finalist Blake Prize 2018

Winner announced Saturday 19th of May!

Congratulations to Patrick Hall for being a finalist in the 65th Blake Prize with his stunning kinetic piece Press Upon Me.

“Press Upon Me seeks to evoke the vastness of the night sky, the countless burning points of the wheeling heavens, like fingerprints, like nerve endings and beginnings. It explores the idea that we are both at the centre of this Universe, part of a unified whole, and yet at the same time, humbled by the enormity of all that isn’t us, and the inadequacy of our senses to comprehendwhat is beyond our knowing. Press Upon Me is about the human desire to escape the containment of our own skins, our need to feel, to empathise, to find meaning and pattern, to make contact, to wonder.” – Patrick Hall, April 2018 

Go to Patrick’s artist page for more information and images of previous and available works – PATRICK HALL 

The winner of the Blake Prize 2018 will be announced this Saturday 19th of May at 5pm.
We wish Patrick and all the other artists the best of luck!




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