Patrick Hall pop up exhibition

The Cloud and Press Upon Me

Pop up exhibition on display now in our foyer with two installations by Patrick Hall, The Cloud and Press Upon Me. With an art practice now spanning several decades, Patrick Hall has firmly established a reputation for uniquely intricate and idiosyncratic works. Patrick’s ability to cross and often combine seemingly disparate art genres sees a distinct and elegant collision of beautifully fabricated imaginings with prose poetry, cabinetry, lighting and sound recordings.These often emotive pieces are rich in story-telling, sometimes autobiographical, sometimes not.


Press Upon Me
Graphite on drafting film, paper, acrylic, motorised LED lighting,140 h x 80 w x 13 d cm, signed verso 

“Press Upon Me seeks to evoke the vastness of the night sky, the countless burning points of the wheeling heavens, like fingerprints, like nerve endings and beginnings. It explores the idea that we are both at the centre of this Universe, part of a unified whole, and yet at the same time, humbled by the enormity of all that isn’t us, and the inadequacy of our senses to comprehend what is beyond our knowing. Press Upon Me is about the human desire to escape the containment of our own skins, our need to feel, to empathise, to find meaning and pattern, to make contact, to wonder.” – Patrick Hall, 2018



The Cloud
Collected spirit bottles, sequenced LED lightning, plywood, 120 w x 240 l x 80 h cm (variable), signed side frame, ed. 3/3