Matthew Harding

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Matthew Harding is a multi-disciplinary Australian artist engaged in a diverse practice spanning sculpture, public art and design. From his workshop in the Central Highlands of Victoria Harding designs and fabricates large-scale works exploring structure, natural geometries and the presence of form in the landscape. His work is inspired by a keen interest in science, mathematics, engineering and a desire to learn through the process of making.

“One bridging facet of the sculptural process is the relationship and meaning of scale, simultaneously making small hand crafted objects to large architectural scale installations at opposite sides of my workshop. As humans we continue to develop tools that allow us to circumvent our scale and see further into the celestial realm at one end of the spectrum and to enable us to manipulate the subatomic at the other, increasing our knowledge and perception of what, where and who we are.¬†As a maker I am governed by the anthropometric scale of the tools and materials at hand coupled with the limits of the imagination. While not a mathematician by any means, scale and ratio play an intuitive role in my thought processes. I see things in growth patterns and sequences that stem from observations of the natural. Be it lineal, logarithmic or exponential, we are surrounded by a matrix of growth patterns that shape the external universe mimicked in many ways by the inner labyrinth of our neural pathways. And while our collective intelligence provides a rhizoid of superhighways that can bypass redundant beliefs and theories, we always retain the potential for new insight when we detour along the byways or stop to smell the roses.” Matthew Harding 2015

Scale is the second solo exhibition Matthew has produced for Despard Gallery, curated by Director Steven Joyce.


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