Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Patrick Hall - Lucia Usmiani - Josh Foley - Graham Lang- Jenny Orchard

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2017

7 – 9 September 

Carriage Works Sydney

Booth F 07

Despard Gallery is pleased to present a selection of new and exciting contemporary Tasmanian and national art to Sydney, including feature artists Patrick Hall, Lucia Usmiani, Josh Foley, Graham Lang and Jenny Orchard. Click on artist below for more info and images of their previous works.

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See you at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2017 !




Patrick Hall


Download the catalogue of Patrick Hall here: Patrick Hall Catalogue Sydney Contemporary


Lucia Usmiani


Download the PDF catalogue of Lucia Usmiani here: LUCIA USMIANI Catalogue Sydney Contemporary


Graham Lang


Download the PDF of Graham Lang here: GRAHAM LANG Catalogue Sydney Contemporary


Jenny Orchard


 Download the PDF catalogue of Jenny Orchard here: JENNY ORCHARD Catalogue Sydney Contemporary


Josh Foley



Download PDF catalogue of Josh Foley here : JOSH FOLEY Catalogue Sydney Contemporary