Thicket – Maeve Woods

Woods - E_Invite.indd

“I imagined flight, tumbling, echoes, viscosity, layering and glimpses into other dimensions. My interest in the colour informs all the works and their titles. Hidden on the reverse side of the support, a frame gives strength but does not conceal the wild paper’s ragged edges. As the painting is slightly raised in advance of the wall, a shadow is cast and this peripheral fact can interact  with after-images and other ephemera evoked by the paintings.” -Maeve Woods, 2013

“We have become so accustomed in contemporary media to seeing the world through screens. In recent years the ratio of these ubiquitous screens has become wider, more landscape in orientation. These works serve to remind us that painting is not simply a medium through which we see the world, it involves the creation of a physical object. Through their insistence on a vertical orientation Maeve Woods’ paintings resist both framing and being framed, instead they stand upright, like trees.” – Steven Ball

All paper works by Maeve Woods, 2012-13, vinyl matt paint on hand-made French rag paper, 112 x 30cm, $1,500 (float mounted)