Todd Jenkins Edge of the world

Edge of the World

Todd Jenkins

Edge of the World

Opening Friday 30 June 5.30pm

28 June – 23 July 2017

“From the Arthur River, heading southward to the distant unnamed headland near Ingram Bay, rocks are carved by the endless unbroken ocean of the roaring forties.

This is one of AustraliaŹ¹s most remote coastlines.

Alive with the Aboriginal story, wild, raw and volcanic landscape reveals remnants of the past, coastal middens, exposed petroglyphs, ceremonial stone arrangements, weathered driftwood and Gothic rock formations.

This body of paintings aims to reflect the mystery and intrigue of Takayna/Tarkine, a place rich in spirit, culture and a witness to the interdependence of life.”

Todd Jenkins 31/5/2017