Welcome Alex Parish!



Despard is pleased to welcome Hobart based, jewellery maker, Alex Parish to our collection! Alex, arrived in Australia in 1999, after studying a jewellery degree at the Fachhochschule in Pforzheim, Germany. Since then Alex completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania in Furniture and Print Making and set up her studio in a warehouse in the centre of Hobart. Her work references strongly to her European heritage and she plays with opposite attributes, pretty – ugly, simple – complex and smooth – rough. Alex has had several group exhibition in Melbourne, Queensland and Tasmania.

“Starting a new life in a different country gives me a revised sense of belonging. Old memories no matter how fragmented are revived and become little snippets of treasure. My new life in a different culture and country form my new identity. Together they are my  authentic self that is grounded by my jewellery , art and my family.” Alex Parish, November 2016

Alex’s jewellery is now available at the gallery and online stockroom. See more of Alex’s work: CLICK HERE!