Welcome Julienne Harris

JULIENNE HARRIS Strip work 2016 Acrylic on polyester canvas 80 x 180 cm Signed verso


Despard welcomes Sydney born artist: Julienne Harris to her collection! Currently living and working in Blackheath, NSW, Harris studied at the National Art School, Sydney where she was awarded the school Print Prize and then at the Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education, Sydney.

Harris’s work is represented in numerous public and private collections in Australia, Europe and the US. Throughout her career she has developed a pictorial language of considerable integrity. She has created an organic and inclusive body of work and in it discovered an apt metaphor for communicating the shifting structure of her experience.

John Mc Donald SMH about Julie’s works:

“Another artist who has given us a high-intensity version of her signature work is Julie Harris whose Extended Summer fairly leaps off the wall. Although I’m accustomed to Harris’s abstracted landscapes in which blurred patches of colour and grainy dabs of pigment cluster on the surface, I wasn’t prepared for the ferocious glare she has extracted from this picture. A brilliant light bounces off an imaginary body of water lit by highlights of red blue and green. It looks like an acid bath in which bodies – or at least consciousness – might be dissolved”. John Mc Donald SMH 6/08/2016

Check Julienne’s artist page for more info and available works…. CLICK HERE!