Welcome New Gallery Artists!

Ochre Lawson, Lorraine Biggs, Maggie Jeffries & Verna Nichols

Despard Gallery is excited to welcome four new artists into the gallery stable!  

Lorraine Biggs work focuses on the natural world exploring diverse ecosystems through detail across a range of diverse mediums.

Maggie Jeffries’s works explore the botanical through painting and pictorial collage, looking at how plants can evoke significance of place, memory and the recollection of time.

Ochre Lawson uses the visceral nature of paint to depict an emotional relationship to the landscape, capturing its immensity and wildness by firstly working en plein air, then from the studio through sketches and memory of place.

Verna Nichols is a Tasmanian Aboriginal artist and descendant of the Bunurong people of Victoria.  She is a multidisciplinary artist, exploring traditional themes through the mediums of painting, silkscreen, ceramics, drawing, weaving and kelp. 

These four extraordinary artists will be exhibiting new work as part of our Annual Summer Show bringing tradition, experience, originality and energy.

Lorraine Biggs

Maggie Jeffries

Ochre Lawson

Verna Nichols