Harrison Bowe & George Kennedy

Young Bloods

22 June – 16 July 2022

Opening Event Wednesday 22 June from 5:30pm.

Despard Gallery is thrilled to host the second exhibition in our Young Bloods series, featuring emerging Tasmanian artists, Harrison Bowe and George Kennedy. Now in its second iteration, Despard Gallery’s Young Bloods exhibition acts as the next big step in supporting our newest emerging artists who have shown an exceptionally high standard of creativity, professional application and artistic passion, providing a platform to officially launch their careers on the commercial stage.

Bowe and Kennedy both provide original contributions to the creative discourse of contemporary Tasmanian landscape painting, adopting alternative perspectives and unique aesthetic interpretations.  Underlying the artistic approaches of both Bowe and Kennedy is the use of creative practice to form personal connections with the Tasmanian environment as a path towards informing a sense of self.

Harrison Bowe’s series of enamel and beeswax paintings are inspired from personally exploring remote parts Tasmania, compositions depicting a single location space from different perspectives.  Navigating the terrain and experiencing it first hand, Bowe captures a visceral response to the landscape.  Through a physical, yet sensitive use of paint, Bowe taps into the rawness of nature to create paintings that possess an immersive quality. George Kennedy’s practice explores the fringe areas of the Tasmanian landscape, where the expansion of urbanisation encroaches on natural spaces. Kennedy is particularly drawn to the complexity of these boundaries, where the lines and forms of the manmade and organic converge. Through paint, Kennedy interprets these marginal spaces, using abstraction to respond to encounters between body and the material environment. 

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