Zoe Grey

Thanks To A Place I Know

1 – 26 April

Despard Gallery is excited to host the inaugural solo exhibition of emerging artist Zoe Grey.


“My home, Marrawah, is on the far North-West tip of lutruwita/Tasmania. It is a raw and rugged place, open to the Southern Ocean and roaring winds. I grew up there, immersed in the land and the sea. When painting, I call out to my intimate experiences of that place; to the trees that bend in the strong westerly, to the distinct shape of the mountain, to the rough rocks I cross over to reach the sea and to the soft pigface that carpets the coast.  

For now, I live away from Marrawah. As the distance between us grows, so too does my desire to reconnect, through gestures of paint, to my memories and understanding of that place. It is an evolving relationship, that Thanks to a place I knowobserves.

I pay my deepest respects to the traditional owners of the land my work was made on, nipaluna/Hobart, and the land my work is about, Marrawah. I acknowledge Preminghana, often portrayed in my paintings, as a place of great significance to Tasmanian Aboriginal people.” – Zoe Grey 2020

Zoe Grey is an artist from Marrawah, Tasmania. Her paintings explore a deep connection to home, translating the complexities of memory and place through bold gestural landscapes. Zoe graduated with First Class Honors from the University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts and Media in 2018. 

PART 2 – Listen to Zoe Grey discuss the painting ‘Mountain (Near)’ in depth.





Use our virtual viewing room to observe Zoe Grey’s work in context to scale. 

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