Zoe Grey

Inaugural Solo Exhibition

1 – 26 April

Opening Wednesday 1 April at 5.30pm

Despard Gallery is excited to host the inaugural solo exhibition of emerging artist Zoe Grey.

“My home, Marrawah, is a raw, coastal environment, open to the elements. The landscape adapts to the wild weather; the tea trees bend to the westerly winds, the sand shifts with solid swells and the rocks are pummeled by tireless waves. I too, adjust my movements to the moods of the weather and the landscape it alters. The place I know so intimately shapes my being and through the painting process of remembering and re-presenting, I touch its existence in return.” – Zoe Grey

Zoe Grey is an artist from Marrawah, Tasmania. Her paintings explore a deep connection to home, translating the complexities of memory and place through bold gestural landscapes. Zoe graduated with First Class Honors from the University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts and Media in 2018.