Zoe Grey

Falling Into Place

9 November - 3 December 2022

Despard Gallery is proud to present Zoe Grey's third solo exhibition with Despard Gallery, Falling Into Place.Opening Event Friday 11 November from 5:30pm. To be officially opened by Birgitta Magnusson-Reid, Visual Arts Coordinator for the Devonport Regional Gallery.
At the heart of Grey’s practice is a deep connection to Tasmania and its unique wilderness. Specifically, the rugged rocks, fierce winds and booming swell of Marrawah, a remote coastal community on the northwest edge of lutruwita/Tasmania, where she grew up. In Grey’s third solo exhibition with Despard Gallery, Falling Into Place celebrates this strong connection held with Marrawah through a new suite of her distinctive abstracted landscapes, recalling the sensations, ambience and textures that define this meaningful space. Significant to this exhibition is the introduction of a new place of significance from which new work has evolved.With the desire to help her practice evolve, Grey undertook a month long residency at the world renowned Arteles Creative Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.  Alongside other international visitors with various disciplinary backgrounds, Grey participated in their intensive Back To Basics program, providing a supportive space to reflect on her current practice, refocus her aims and experiment.
Falling Into Place reveals how painting is an evolving visual language for Grey, allowing her to push the work and ideas in new directions. Through bold brushstrokes, layers of paint and dynamic abstracted compositions, each work carries the unique marks that defines Grey’s intuitive approach.
Overall, the exhibition explores two very different and distinctive spaces, one here in Tasmania, the other in Scandinavia. However, all the works resonates with a raw energy inspired by these contrasting environments, in a way that reveals Grey’s capacity to visualise her personal connections with place.By taking on the challenge to creatively respond to both landscapes, Grey shows us that place it is not necessarily defined by location, but in how connections are made through experiences of significance. Each work embodies this experience through the act of painting, answering to the landscape, rather than representing it.
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Listen to Grey reflect on the impact of introducing a new place of significance from which the new body of work evolved, as well as discuss the role of painting to recall the sensations, ambience and textures that define the meaning of place.