Zoe Grey

Just Between Us

28 July – 21 August

Despard Gallery is proud to present the highly anticipated second solo exhibition Just Between Us, by emerging Tasmania artist Zoe Grey. 

To celebrate this exhibition, we are pleased to he hosting an Opening Event on Wednesday 28 July from 5:30pm. To be officially launched by Dr. Neil Haddon, lecturer in painting at the School of Creative Arts and Media, University of Tasmania. 

Currently based in Hobart, Zoe’s paintings reveal a deep connection to Marrawah, a remote coastal farming community on the northwest edge of Tasmania, where she grew up. Her practice has become a vehicle to access and maintain this connection with her home, enhancing the importance of memory and the intimacy of place, whilst exploring ideas around identity and belonging.  Through her distinctive palette and bold brushstrokes, Zoe has created a powerful new body of abstracted landscapes.  The works resonate with raw energy inspired by this unique environment, where coastal flora emerges from the battered shoreline and the omnipresence of Mt Cameron dominates the vista of Greens Beach at the edge of the Tarkine wilderness.



Listen to Zoe talk about how Marrawah continues to inspire her practice and how painting has become an important tool to visualise the felt experiences of ‘calling out’ to place and her creative ‘response’.


The more I paint, the more I see my practice as a way to access and maintain, a connection to my home.  I rely on re-calling and re-presenting intimate lived experiences of Marrawah’s unique land, sea, weather and flora, to nurture a sense of place.  In doing so, the paintings observe the complex evolving relationship I have with the landscape of my home, existing in the space between myself and that place – just between us. –  Zoe Grey, 2021

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