Zoe Grey

Solo Exhibition

Could You Ever Know Every Fold In The Mountain?

26 June – 20 July 2024

Despard Gallery is proud to host solo exhibition by early career artist Zoe Grey.  

Through painting, drawing, collage and ceramics, Grey’s practice explores ideas of home, connection to place and how we experience the landscape. In her fourth solo exhibition with Despard Gallery, Grey presents a new suite of her bold abstracted landscapes, using paint to recall the sensations, ambience and textures that define the meaning place.

At the heart of Grey’s practice is a deep connection to Tasmania and its unique wilderness. More specifically, the rugged rocks, fierce winds and booming swell of Marrawah, a remote coastal community on the north west edge of Tasmania, where she grew up. Could You Ever Know Every Fold In The Mountain? celebrates Grey’s strong connection held with Marrawah and how creative practice helps to strengthen emotional tethers and evoke moments of recall.

Grey’s work describes how place it is not defined by location, but in how connections are made through experiences of significance. Each artwork embodies this experience through the act of painting, answering to the landscape, rather than directly representing it.

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ZOE GREY I Thought I Saw The Rocks Moving 2023 oil and acrylic on canvas 137 x 183 cm