Paul Snell, Joanne Currie Nalingu & George Kennedy

11 January – 4 February 2023

Opening Event Friday 13 January 2023

Despard Gallery is pleased to officially launch its 2023 exhibition schedule with a special curated exhibition that explores three distinctive creative approaches within the expansive genre of Abstraction.

Continuing to play an important role in creative expression, abstraction takes many visual forms, guided by process of expression and instinct.  Artists Paul Snell, Joanne Currie Nalingu and George Kennedy all adhere to the formal process of abstract art as a means to visualise complex, enigmatic and sometimes difficult ideas.

Each of their unique approaches becomes part of a broader conversation around the modern human condition, reflecting on the growing dislocation of contemporary life and abstract nature of social existence.  As such, Snell, Currie Nalingu and Kennedy each question how we navigate and perceive a changing world. Specifically within this exhibition, artworks switch between exploring the subtle and minute optical variations of the digital domain, to the instinctive encounters we have with our immediate environment, as well as recalling the ongoing difficulties for our indigenous Australians.  Each artist challenges the viewers understanding of these concerns by creating unfamiliar perspectives that reveal the many intricacies, instabilities and possibilities that can coexist simultaneously.

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