Artist Profile – Sam Field

by Pippa Mott

Click here to read a essay that delves into the new boy of work by Sam Field from his solo exhibition I Thought I Saw Eden, by Pippa Mott via Artist Profile Magazine.

Pippa Mott is currently based in New York where she is completing an MA in the History of Art & Archaeology (Marica and Jan Vilcek Curatorial Program) at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, with the support of the Fulbright Tasmania Postgraduate Scholarship. 

I thought I saw Eden brings together a suite of paintings produced in the aftermath of Sam Field’s journey throughout Far North Queensland. Interrogating the act and impulse of travelling, Field contemplates the assumptions, projections, and mythologies that permeate our experiences of ‘othered’ places. Embedded within the series is a reflection on innocence lost: the idea that over time, it becomes more difficult to access the thrill and magic that encounters with unfamiliar territories once yielded. “

I Thought I Saw Eden –  Solo exhibition  2 – 26 March 2o22

Sam Field