Grace Garton

Grace Garton is an artist based in Tasmania. Originally from Sydney she studied art at Liverpool technical college and Sydney City Art Institute.

After leaving art school Grace worked in the animation industry for 27 years, travelling from state to state. During this time she relocated to Hobart for work and to further her art studies. In 2006 Grace decided dedicate her time to her art career.

Her work as a mixed media artist and doll maker has been well received and has been gaining interest from local and international buyers. Her current art works involve larger hand painted art dolls and assemblage art based on Australian culture and environment.

Grace is an artist in residence at Salamanca Arts Centre and works partime teaching art to young children and adults.


by Grace Garton

“Larger than life, hairy and sweaty men in tights, Mario Milano, Killer Karl Kox and King Curtis were household names, loved and watched by thousands across the suburbs of Australia during the 60s and 70s.  At our home in the western suburbs of Sydney it was no different.  My brothers and I would watch the wrestling with our dad every Sunday morning while our mum prepared the Sunday roast.  Wrestlers of the 1970s were predominantly migrant men imported to establish and promote Australian wrestling.  Along with the inventive stage names came extravagant personalities and colourful dialogue.  The flamboyant choreographed fighting was as creative as the titles given to particular holds and moves.  My dolls are fabric, stitched, stuffed, hand painted and boxed.  Their shapes are stylized action figures capturing the theatrics of wrestling and painted in a manner of vintage sideshow posters.”