The Animal Nights | Bertie Blackman | & | Helen Hopcroft

The Animal Nights

Bertie Blackman and Helen Hopcroft

Joint exhibtion

The Animal Nights

Opening Wednesday 3 May

3 May – 28 May 2017


A joint exhibtion with Melbourne based artist and singer Bertie Blackman and NSW based painter Helen Hopcroft.


is an artist who constantly re-invents herself. Known to many as the Aria award winning singer, she is a highly talented visual artist. Like the oevre of her father Charles Blackman, Bertie’s work weaves between the real and un-real; her profound imagination and personal narrative have been inspirational to the recent paintings, Benjamin, the Tasmanian tiger is not extinct, merely lost.


is an artist and writer who grew up in Tasmania. Many of Helen’s works include fairy tale imagery, particularly the moment when a human transforms into an animal, or vice versa. Her influences include Persian miniatures, literature, fairy tales, naive or pre-Renaissance art and medical illustration.
The Animal Nights weaves together Helen’s ongoing fascination with animals, The Arabian Nights and fairy tales. Helen’s current obsession with Marie Antoinette may also be glimpsed.