Despard Gallery 35th Annual Summer Show

2021 | 2022


15 December 2021 – 29 January 2022

This year marks 35 years of supporting Tasmanian contemporary artists and sharing their talents to audiences nationally.  An annual tradition, the upcoming Despard Gallery Summer Show will present new works from over twenty-seven artists from our stable. Not only does this exhibition provide a visual taster of the year to come, showcasing a variety of mediums and themes, it also acts as a platform to introduce new emerging talent.  This year we are excited to invite young Tasmanian artists Harrison Bowe and George Kennedy to share new work. 

Exhibiting artists include Anthea Boden, Adam Rish, Anne-France Fulgence, Bill Yaxley, Fiona Omeenyo, Geoff Dyer, George Kennedy, Grace Garton, Graham Lang, Harrison Bowe, Ian Marr, Jeff Mincham, Jo Chew, Julienne Harris, Josh Foley, Lisa Garland, Maggie Jeffries, Michael Eather, Michael Nay, Michael Vale, Micheila Petersfield, Patrick Collins, Penny Burnett, Rosella Namok, Samantha Hobson, Sam Field, Todd Jenkins, Wayne Brookes and Zoe Grey.

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Anthea Boden


Wayne Brookes


Harrison Bowe


Penny Burnett


Jo Chew


Patrick Collins


Geoff Dyer


Michael Eather


Sam Field


Josh Foley


Anne-France Fulgence


Lisa Garland


Grace Garton


Zoe Grey


Julienne Harris


Maggie Jeffries


George Kennedy


Todd Jenkins


Graham Lang


Lockhart River Collaborations


Ian Marr


Jeff Mincham


Anne Morrison


Michael Nay


Micheila Petersfield


Adam Rish

Bill Yaxley


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